UPDATES DAILY in exactly 300 days i will be eighteen which means i will be well lets say free, so i came up with a challange, i call it 300 days of syao. I will make one comic every day no matter what. i will only draw once (meaning no erasing or redos) i will not proofread them they may not be funny they might be awesome we'll see.. (you can do this too find out how many days are left till your next birthday and start two days from today c: ) NOTE: I DO NOT WANT CRITIQUE ON THIS COMIC I AM MAKING IT FOR FUN AND FOR MYSELF IF YOU DON'T LIKE A JOKE BECAUSE IT'S "weird" OR "you found it offensive" WELL THAT'S TOO DAMN BAD.
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:: 300 Updates of Syao 02: a journal omake :: - June 4th, 2010, 3:56 am

:: 300 Updates of Syao 02: a journal omake ::

[Nixon walks up disgruntled and mad]

Nixon: that jerk stole my cash again.. who knows what else he bought with it..

[Syaoran Jumps out wearing a chicken suit and has party ballons]


[Nixon stares]

Syaoran: yeah like there was a petting zoo and i had like three bouncers it was awesome!

Nixon: w-what?.. y-you did that? a-and didn't invite me?

Syaoran: of course not.. i used your money...

[Nixon stares dead]

Syaoran: The best part was i payed Lady Gaga and RBF to play a mash up concert it was amazing nothing like it!

[Nixon Gets wobbly]

Nixon: w-what?!

[syaoran puts out his hand]

Syaoran: yeah here is what's left of your money.

[Nixon takes it and stares at it for a few seconds]

Nixon: this... This is a pog and a lollipop stick!

Syaoran: i know right? pretty cool

[Nixon Leaves mumbling to himself]